Our services

  • Formalization of documentation according to the customs requirements;
  • Preparation of customs documentation;
  • Preparation and submission of "INTRASTAT" reports to the customs;

  • EPI - Electronic preliminary information - is mandatory for all the goods and vehicles passing in/through the territory of Customs Union.
  • Transit declaration (T1)
  • Transit – is customs procedure under which goods are transported under customs control from one customs office to another.

  • Storage of the European Community goods;
  • Storage of the goods from third countries at type A customs warehouse;
  • Stevedoring works (mechanized and manual loading), works with crane;

  • Warehousing solutions;
  • Orders management solutions;
  • Resources management solutions;
  • Solutions of transportation and distribution
    Value added services;
  • Services for exporters from the European Union to third countries;
  • Cargo delivering by a principle “from doors to doors“;

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