EPI – Electronic preliminary information – is mandatory for all the goods and vehicles passing in/through the territory of Customs Union.
JSC FREGA provides EPI services and able to do it fast, qualificated and in the way most convenient to you.

Our specialists according to the documents completed by carrier, freight forwarder or other person participating in the transportation process, are sending the notification with detailed information about transportation, vehicle and goods brought in to the Customs Union. Each notifiaction receive a unique number – EPI number, which is sending by SMS to drivers mobile phone.

Required documents for EPI clearance:
1. TIR and expiration date of TIR book;
2. CMR;
3. Invoice and specification according to codes of goods;
4. Technical passports of vehicle;
5. Driver’s passport and phone number;
6. Border checkpoint;

Addresses and contacts of JSC FREGA EPI departments:

Žirnių str. 10, Vilnius

Теl.: +370 655 59212
E-mail: epi@frega.lt
E-mail: epi.frega@gmail.com
Business hours: 24/7

EMSI petrol filling station

287 km of the highway Klaipėda-Vilnius
Теl.: +370 616 59441
E-mail: epi5@frega.lt
Business hours: 24/7

Panerių str. 56, Vilnius

Теl.: +370 630 00614
Business hours: 24/7

Transit within the EU

We provide the Transit declaration (T1) for goods transported from third countries (often from the Customs Union) also from one customs post to another. We provide declarations for all Lithuanian border customs posts.

TIR Carnet transit
A mandatory pre-arrival notification to the EU customs office will be prepared.
Customs intermediary will fill out an electronic TIR declaration and submit it via the NCTS system.
In this way the EU customs office will be notified in accordance with the requirements of the Community Customs Codex. The company uses an international TIR Carnet guarantee.

How it works?

  • Carriers may sign an agency agreement with us
  • CMR consignment note;
    – Invoice;
    – Export declaration (Ex);
    – Border crossing point of entry into Europe
    – Driver’s mobile phone number
    – A copy of the driver’s passport
    – Transport registration certificate
  • The declarant will fill out the transit declaration and issue a guarantee. The driver will receive the declaration number (LRN) by a text message.
  • The driver will submit the LRN number and the goods for customs clearance.

If you do not have the possibility to send documents by e-mail, we have service points at Belarusian border (Kamennyj log, Kotlovka and Beniakoni) who work 7/24h . Document sending service is free of charge.

For further information please contact:
Теl.: +370 630 00619


We would be happy to answer any questions you might have and provide you with further information.