Aiming to expand its services and to make it more convenient for the customers, JSC “Frega“ has started to provide Customs broker services since 2010. Clients do not have to take care of customs clearance, customs taxes and other usually confusing and time-consuming customs procedures.

We are taking care of customs formalities 7 days a week. Customs services of cargo import, export and transit are provided. Experienced professionals will take care of all necessary documents and will solve all customs related matters.

frega logistics

  • Formalization of documentation according to the customs requirements;
  • Preparation of customs documentation;
  • Preparation and submission of "INTRASTAT" reports to the customs;

  • EPI - Electronic preliminary information - is mandatory for all the goods and vehicles passing in/through the territory of Customs Union.
  • Transit declaration (T1)
  • Transit – is customs procedure under which goods are transported under customs control from one customs office to another.

  • Storage of the European Community goods;
  • Storage of the goods from third countries at type A customs warehouse;
  • Stevedoring works (mechanized and manual loading), works with crane;

  • Warehousing solutions;
  • Orders management solutions;
  • Resources management solutions;
  • Solutions of transportation and distribution;
  • Services for exporters from the European Union to third countries;
  • Cargo delivering by a principle “from door to door".